Artificial Intelligence Demonstrating Enhanced Patient Care and Efficiency

Posted by Kevin Harris, President and COO CureMetrix on Sep 20, 2019 12:15:00 PM
Kevin Harris, President and COO CureMetrix

Artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare has evolved quickly, and today interest is surging. After its early days in R&D and testing, we’re now seeing the emergence of powerful FDA-cleared products with vast potential to reshape and enhance patient screening, diagnosis and treatment.

Based on a recent survey of healthcare executives, more accurate diagnosis and increased efficiency have been identified as AI’s top two benefits, leading to clinical and financial improvements in health care. These benefits are being realized today in radiology, and AI awareness and acceptance is broadening across the healthcare industry.

Related to women’s health, I’m happy to say that the CureMetrix mammography AI solutions cmTriage™ and cmAssist® have demonstrated that efficacy translation from the lab to the clinic, improving cancer detection and efficiency with consistently low false positives per image.

To get you up to speed, below are landmark studies published this year in the Journal of Digital Imaging that demonstrate the power of our algorithm to augment the expertise of the radiologist.

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Improved Cancer Detection Using Artificial Intelligence: a Retrospective Evaluation of Missed Cancers on Mammography

Reduction of False-Positive Markings on Mammograms: a Retrospective Comparison Study Using an Artificial Intelligence-Based CAD

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