AI Test Drive Challenge

Posted by Kevin Harris, President at CureMetrix on Sep 11, 2020 10:58:09 AM
Kevin Harris, President at CureMetrix


Putting Radiologists in the Driver’s Seat. Enter the AI Test Drive to Win an eBike.


Tune into RSNA Virtual 2020 for Results.

Calling all Radiologists:

Artificial intelligence (AI) for radiology is turning image analysis into a data-driven process. Studies have shown when used in screening mammography, AI can improve sensitivity up to 27% without increasing recall rates and help you read up to 30% faster. As the Radiological Society of North America recently wrote: “In the ever-changing field of medicine, AI has the potential to redefine medical imaging. AI technology is positioned as the solution to meet increasing demands in clinical imaging while maintaining and improving quality.”

iStock-1170521300To get you started, Ambra and CureMetrix invite you to kick the tires and take a Test Drive through a hands-on breast cancer screening experience. You’ll see for yourself how AI can help you read mammograms more quickly and accurately, saving lives and streamlining your workflow in the process.

Once you register and complete the Test Drive Challenge:

  • You will be entered into a drawing to win one of 2 eBikes
  • You will see your results using AI in your reading (and how AI impacts sensitivity and specificity)
  • You’ll also see how you compare to others at RSNA 2020 through your “screen name” so only you know your results

While nothing can replace actually seeing, touching, and trying AI-based CAD in your practice, you can give it a quick spin, challenge yourself and your colleagues.

Register today so you have a place at the starting line. We will send you confirmation and in October you’ll receive your Test Drive road map.

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